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Prayer as we enter transition January 20, 2017

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It’s my duty as a Christian to pray for our leaders. Here’s a prayer I have for our incoming POTUS, which is also a prayer for myself, and everyone who calls themselves a Christian. I promise it’s sincere, and that I do also pray for his overall wellness, but this is what’s on my heart to pray for most urgently.

I pray that he makes time to know the Jesus he says he believes in. That he reads his Bible- and gets to marinate in the warnings of the prophets and the teachings of Jesus that are centered in mercy for the oppressed, healing of the sick, and release of the captives (Prophet Isaiah, Gospel of Luke) as well as care for orphans, widows, and foreigners in our midst as commanded throughout scripture.

I pray that he would learn that it is repentance that’s one of the major steps to truly accepting the gift of God’s grace and salvation. How can anyone accept the gift of God’s grace if they claim not to need it? I pray this truth is revealed.

I pray the Ten Commandments- ALL of them become something of meaning to our new POTUS and how he conducts his life.

I pray that he learns that being pro-life matters once a child is born and lasts the entire LIFE of every human being- ALL of whom are created in God’s image, not just while they reside in the womb of their mother.

I pray he learns to see the amazing gift given to us in this earth we call home, and takes heed of the instructions from God the Creator to take care for it.

I pray he seeks the merciful justice, love and humility we read that God requires from the Prophet Micah. I pray that he is able to see that our savior was God- yet did not see himself as equal with God. He took upon himself utter humility- to the point of a criminals death! And that it’s this example of JESUS we are called to follow. (Philippians)

I pray he embraces the Beatitudes of our Lord Jesus- remembering that blessed are the meek, those who mourn, those who are poor in spirit, the peacemakers, those who are merciful, and those seeking godly justice, may he seek to have the heart of the kind of people Jesus considered truly blessed.

I pray he heeds the warning of Jesus that whoever does not care for the least among us does not truly care for Jesus.

I pray the Holy Spirit fills him in such a way that he turns away from all of the earthly treasures, and begins to focus on what it means to store up treasure in heaven. I further pray that he allows the Holy Spirit to dwell in him in such a way that the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control) is fully visible and vibrant in every aspect of his life.

This is my prayer for POETUS, myself, as well as anyone who claims to love and follow Jesus. We pray these things in the name of our Lord, the Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. AMEN


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