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Making a Comeback? April 17, 2016

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So yeah, it’s been two years since I’ve taken a break from this writing thing.  I took a year and a half stint of taking on more of a management role at my “side” job, found out my hubby and I had a little one on the way, and have spent the past 10 months adjusting to life and ministry as parents!  As Spring brings with it the ideas of a fresh start, I figured it might be time to do the same with this blog!  If you’re going to the Momentum Youth Worker Conference in Worcester coming up – I’d love to meet you and chat there!  Part of the reason I’m re-launching this is to have a place where I can connect with people I meet there, and share some follow-up thoughts on the sessions I’m leading.  No promises on consistency, but I hope to share the ideas that bounce around my head in a way that can start a conversation with friends and strangers alike!  Stay tuned!