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3 Myths About Creativity In Worship & Learning February 26, 2014

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As I continue my series on providing Imaginative Encounters with God, we move from some initial thoughts on why using all our senses matters in drawing those we minister to, as well as ourselves closer to our glorious Creator; to some myths that tend to come along with the term “creativity”.  I’d love to hear some other myths you’ve come across when it comes to the word creativity.


Myth #1 Creativity is Synonymous with Artsy.  

That is, what is often considered to be artsy.  Things that are pretty, involve craft kits, and that would be the envy of everyone on Pinterest.

Confession:  I don’t even have Pinterest envy, because I’ve been to scared to even go near Pinterest out of my fear of being overwhelmed by all the ideas I know I couldn’t accomplish.

Creativity doesn’t have to be pretty to have an impact.  As far as I’m concerned, the messier, the better!  It’s about using our imaginations to problem solve, and to discover was to ensure that learning and worship are interactive and engaging in ways that go beyond words- but it doesn’t have to be the perfect drama production, neat little craft kits, or a beautiful mural.  It doesn’t mean that something should be overly elaborate requiring fancy supplies.  Creativity is at its best when we turn ordinary objects and use them in not so ordinary ways.  This can be in games, lesson illustrations, or even in worship practices.  Just because you hear the word creativity- that doesn’t always mean its time to pull out the art supplies.  Sometimes, yes! I hope that we all utilize visual arts in our ministries, but creativity is not just about art projects.


Myth #2 Creativity is Girly 

First of all, I think that we need to stretch our definitions of masculinity, and the Church should be a safe place for guys to feel safe not to have to live up to what mainstream media deems “appropriate masculine behavior”  However, this ties into the first myth about creativity and artistry.  We can find engaging ways to utilize the senses- and even use art projects that relate to the ladies and the gents without taking the guys too far out of their comfort zones that they disengage!


Myth #3 Creativity in Teaching is Only for Kids

As we work with teens and adults, we assume that as they grow in the ability to handle abstract thoughts, the need for hands-on learning is no longer needed.  Just because the ability to handle abstract thoughts exists, it doesn’t mean that simply listening to sermons and reading texts will be the strongest learning method for all that we are serving.  When we use the senses all we teach can then be solidified and have a longer lasting impact on all- kids, teens, and adults alike!


Are there any other myths about creativity in learning & worship that you would add to this list? 


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