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Attempting a “Faithful Comeback” to the blog! February 11, 2014

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Well… that was a long hiatus from writing, honestly, I do miss it quite a bit.  Later in this week, I will begin a new blog series based on what I taught in a workshop at Open Boston this past weekend.  Right now, I want to give a brief update on what’s been going on leading up to me finally re-launching this blog.

Jumping into the world of actually feeling like a “grown-up”

Masters degree, turning 30, taking a temporary (but not as temporary as expected) aquatics director position at a local Y.  I became an official member of the local Young Life volunteer Leadership team.  I got a few more chances to preach at my church while my Pastor was away.  I am connecting with New England Regional Leaders with the National Network of Youth Ministry.   My husband and I just bought a house (!) and I’ve been blessed with the honor of being part of the speaking team at Open Boston this year.  All while still serving in my part time ministry position! I was so worried about what to do after graduating seminary not having to spend hours on trains, in my car, in class, reading, and writing papers, I think I overcompensated a bit.  I’m working that out now, and figuring out a better balance.  Trying to do a better job of following my own advice I wrote in previous posts.  That being said, I have also generated a better sense of vision for this blog, and how I could it as a resource for others on this journey of a life of following Jesus, especially (but not limited to) those in ministry!  Here’s some thoughts on what I want to write about in the months to come- any suggestions or offers of guest posts welcome!  Also- if you want a guest post for your blog- don’t hesitate to ask!

Coming up on the blog:

Imaginative Encounters with God: A Series on Multi-sensory learning and worship

Dealing with Trauma in the Midst of Ministry:  How can we be best prepared to support students and families in our ministries who are dealing with trauma.

Revised and Continued Reflections on the Events surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombings

My leap into the world of Young Life ministry!

Thoughts on the unique small-church nature of ministry in old New England churches.

Any other suggestions?


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