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And thus begins my return, pending the growth of thicker skin… February 20, 2013

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Greetings blogosphere!  So yes, I wrote two posts on one topic and gave up for a while.  (ok, a rather long while)  As I am in the last semester of seminary, and have had a roller coaster of a year and a half since I last posted anything.  I think it is time to take all the things I’ve been learning in ministry, academia, and keep saying “someday I’m going to share this with someone” and bring these ideas to life.  I usually get too scared to follow through.  I see how people I admire get beat up pretty bad in the world of social media that I get so caught up in the fear of unavoidable rejection, that I mostly keep my thoughts to myself.  For those faithful Facebook friends and Twitter followers, you get the the brunt of my occasional rantings.  But I realize that there will always be people who disagree with me.  After the various forms of rejection I have experienced in my life recently, I feel I am developing thicker skin to be willing to share and handle the responses that follow.  Feedback is about growth through both criticism and compliments.  I just encourage any readers to do so with respectful language and tact whenever possible, knowing sometimes I slip up in this area too.  

My Goals for “Attempting to be Faithfulmeg: Contemplation on Faith, Life, and Ministry”:

1. Become a conversational space for those serving in ministry.  Looking at areas where we find challenges and encouragement.  As I complete my seminary education, I hope to be a voice, an advocate if you will, for those in student ministries across New England who need someone to come alongside them as a support in their ministry endeavors.  This blog is the first step in that to share resources and gleanings from what I’ve learned from many years of education and serving in ministry.  I have a few series in mind already such as dealing with “Tragedy and Trauma in Ministry”, and “Learning the Hard Way: Lessons Learned Through Ministry Missteps”  

2. Share thoughts on living a life faithful to following Jesus.  This may be about family, about community, about social justice.  I have a hunch it will involve sharing a lot of links other people’s blogs who have inspiring and/or challenging messages.  

3.  The occasional self indulgent rant about some silly life challenge.  Especially if I get stranded someplace because American Airlines makes a huge mistake in booking a flight of mine.  (from a situation with hurricane Isaac this summer, doubt I’ll ever fly them again, but if I do I apologize in advance for the rants that will likely follow).  It may also be about my last months as a student at Boston University School of Theology.  I’ll try to keep them few and far between!  I want this to be a conversational space more than the narcissistic rantings of my college live journal page.  😉  

What would you all like to see and read here?  Looking forward to the journey to follow! 


One Response to “And thus begins my return, pending the growth of thicker skin…”

  1. Sounds good! Didn’t even know you had a blog at all (you should have mentioned it earlier!).

    Cover whatever random thing you want and it should turn out fine.

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