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A day that didn’t go quite as expected… August 17, 2011

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The journey from when God put yesterday’s dedication to fasting and prayer for yesterday on my heart has been interesting to say the least.  Here’s how:

I  felt a stirring to share what God had laid on my heart with others in my life- perhaps God might be doing something similar in the hearts of others.  I wrote about it here,  about everything that led me to set a day aside for extended prayer, and also my motivation to invite others to join me in doing so if they felt led.  But then, perhaps I got a little over-excited about this and made a “facebook event” to better share, and so that others would also be able to share.  Some potentially exciting things happened from this.  People I didn’t expect to respond did, and passed the invitation along to others in their lives.  I even shared this through the facebook account I have for work, and got a rather different response- being called rediculous, not in an inbox message, but right on the very public event wall for all the world to see.  I admit it was good for my ego that I admit can swell rather easily.  I was challenged to re-think how much of what was on my heart was of me, and what was of God.  It also helped me re-evaluate how I go about sharing what God is doing on my heart.  So I chose to lay low in the world of social networking, until night before, I reminded people through a  tweet of what my call for the following day would be. 

Then yesterday came:  A Tuesday morning that felt more like a Monday in so many ways.  It was cold (for August), and I just felt exhausted before my day even began.  The good thing about making a committment to prayer and fasting public is the accountability.  I knew that I was blessed with so much and asked God to help me keep a grateful heart; and to stay mindful of the fact that so many face so many worse challenges.  When I finished my time working at the pool, I came home still really exhausted.  When I found out my amazing husband had taken care of an errand I was supposed to run for church- I saw an opportunity to sneak in a quick nap.  That was a bad idea.  I must have slept on my neck wrong, and awoke worse with a pretty severe tension headache-turned-migraine.  I broke my fast with some organic applesauce, and soon the headache worsened to the point of upsetting my stomache.  I know I shouldn’t be talking about this on a third blog, but my belly didn’t even like keeping water down. 

 As I went to bed early, thinking about not spending the the time I wanted in focused prayer, the research on the big issues on my heart to share with others, not to mention the things for work that didn’t get done, I felt pretty defeated (not to mention in a good amount of pain).  No matter how stinky I felt, I was able to imagine the great strength of those who are dealing with so much more.   I knew that if my dehydration/keeping water down became too much of an issue, the right medical care was right down the road.  I thought of the families taking extremely long journeys to get to find food and medical care that most would consider primative.  I thought about the children who are so malnourished they can’t even take in food on their own.  I thought of families in my own country who go on sick because they don’t have the money or the insurance to cover medical expenses.    I was feeling pretty icky, and I admit I was rather cranky.  But in my rough day, I was able to be reminded of how blessed I am.  As I discovered another person who God gave a similar vision for prayer and fasting (only a day earlier), they hope to take another day next month to do the same.  I hope to as well. 

If you were one of those who took time for fasting/prayer yesterday, thanks- Please share about your day here!  I’d love to hear about what God is doing in the hearts of his people!


2 Responses to “A day that didn’t go quite as expected…”

  1. Mom Says:

    Who called my girl ridiculous? Let me have a word with them! lol…Meg, never doubt or question your belief or commitment. What you started yesterday is wonderful. As you said, you got some confirming responses to your invitation from people you never expected. And even if you didn’t get support from others, or got negative replies, you still planted the idea in their heads. Everyone who received and actually read your invitation had at least a brief moment thinking about the situation. Little steps girl, little steps. You do make a difference in the world, just by being you.

  2. faithfulmeg Says:

    awww… of course the first real comments on my new (and very public) blog!

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