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Crying Out- A Day of Prayer and Fasting for our broken world August 12, 2011

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I have decided that on Tuesday August 16, I will be taking a day to fast and dedicate extra time towards praying for our broken world.  In a time when so many of us seem helpless as we wittness all of the brokenness around us- our prayers can be more powerful than we realize.  I’ve often asked teens I work with if when they pray for healing or miracles, they really believe that God just might do what we ask.  They’ve admitted they don’t always.  I think we all- no matter what age need to be willing to come into times of prayer with expectancy.  This is not the same as making demands as to what God will and won’t do.  We are not God, and for that I am grateful.  Grateful to have that responsibility off of my shoulders, and grateful that our God is so great that His ways are higher and greater than we could ever comprehend.  It is in this that I invite you join me infasting and praying for our hurting world (even more than a typical day) on tuesday.  Pass this invitation to those you know, and have them pass it along as well.  Paul urges the Church to never neglect unity.  Let us be united now, more than ever as we seek God’s healing in our broken world.  If you’re in the Greater Boston Area and want to gather someplace to pray together at any time on tuesday- leave a comment below or find me on twitter @faithfulmeg3 

“Lord, I belive. Help my unbelief”


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