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All talk, and maybe some action? A Call to PRAY August 11, 2011

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So this is my first post of the blog I’ve been saying I would start since May.  It’s August, and it took the sleepless heartache I feel over what is going on in the Horn of Africa right now.  Yes, financial markets are tumbling across the westernized and technologically advanced nations.  The violence in the streets of London is terrifying.  Something in me cannot stomach what’s going on in Africa, and I feel completely helpless. 

I already have giving committments, I can give a little, but not as much as I’d like.  Going to Africa would be silly without the proper training, nevermind the process to gain permission to get there!  I feel helpless. Staring at the TV screen with tears in my eyes, what can I do?  Will the Church fail our neighbors in the Horn of Africa?  There are those in the church who can give, and go.  But the one thing I know I can do is pray. 

I’m not talking about a little pretty-sounding prayer.  I am talking ‘face to the ground, crying out to God from our guts’ prayers.  We in the Church talk about believing God can move mountiains, but do we believe it?   I know so many Christians feel too overwhelmed to know how to respond to the terrifying things going on in our world.  Our God is bigger than these things.  I’ve seen how amazing things can be when God’s people truly come before their maker with honest hearts, poured out to the Lord of Lords.  Bringing God our joys, our anguish, our anger, and even our doubts. 

It would be amazing if all of God’s people could take a certain day and time wherever they are, and whatever they are doing to become a unified cry out to the Lord “As deep cries out to deep”  for the Good News of Christ’s Love to work in the darkest of places in our world, and into the darkest places of our own hearts.  (stay tuned)

Join me in praying- perhaps in ways we’ve never done prayer before!  If you never read this blog again- pass this on as we seek to motivate a movement of prayer.


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